Finding the Right Commercial Retail Scale for Your Business

Retail scales can be seen in a lot of businesses such as candy shops, bakeries and other similar shops. They come in different styles and sizes but they are built for a single purpose – to calculate the total price based on the weight of an item. Retail scales vary from one another so it is essential to find one that suits your business the most.

What Is A Retail Scale?

As mentioned earlier, it is a type of weighing scale that computes the sum amount based on the weight of an item bought by the customer. The users will simply input an item’s unit price and it’s up to the machine to calculate the total amount to be paid by the customer. This is the greatest difference retail scales have from regular weighing scales. In some countries, weighing scales should be approved before you could legally use it on your business. Check in your area if they still require approval or not.

What to Look For In a Retail Scale

There are lots of features you should look for if you want to pick the right commercial retail scale for your business. To make sure it lasts long, book for a scheduled maintenance from your trusted retail scale services Queensland.

  • Product Look-Up – This is a very handy feature especially when your shop sells multiple products. It allows you to store product information such as unit price and just look it up when needed so you don’t have to enter the data all over again for every customer. If your shop sells only a single item, this feature is not that necessary at all.
  • Full keyboard – A full keyboard can make your operations fast since there’s a designated key for every function, not just a single button control. It would also be a lot better if it is colour coded for easier operation.
  • Dual Display – Transparency is an essential factor to build trust with your customers. A retail scale with dual display streamlines the transaction. Your customer gets to see your operations in real time to avoid confusions and discrepancies.
  • Multilingual and Multicurrency display – If your shop is within a tourist spot or near the border, it would be helpful to have these two features. You can adjust how the scale displays information making it more convenient to customers.
  • Stainless Steel Pan – If you’re selling products that leave a mess when weighed, a retail scale with stainless steel pan is a great choice. This material is easy to clean, simply wipe off the dirt and your scale will look shiny and good as new.
  • Connection with other devices – Although having a scale that can be connected to printers and computers isn’t that necessary, this feature greatly helps in managing the inventory.

Those were just the basic features that are perfectly handy to have when choosing a retail scale. If you’re still confused which one’s best for your shop, don’t hesitate to ask for an expert advice.


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