Ground Zero Buildings: A Few Requirements

The normal wear-and-tear nature of material items makes everything deteriorate. During the long course of time, it is inevitable to have minor and major repairs. Well, you are lucky if you only have minor repairs but as time passes by, your building becomes more prone to deterioration and thus, major repairs. There are instances when the major repairs are manageable, however, there are also instances when they are not. It is costly to the point that it will be better to just tear down the whole building. If such is the case, demolition is a new cost to talk about. However, note that demolishing a building does not simply happen by just tearing it down. Similar to construction, demolition, too, has its own set of requirements. To know more, read on to know the details.

The Condition Of The Existing Building Condition

This document may seem plain but it’s your baseline for everything. Without this, you won’t be able to start your planned restoration. But you may ask, “What is this document exactly?” This document serves as an assessment tool to gauge the current condition of your property. Existing damages and state of certain property aspects are noted in this document. This legal document is essential to know the significant effects if any, of the demolition job to neighbouring establishments. Generally, a contractor provides this document. However, there are third party services that work on it. If you are hesitant, you can contact makers of dilapidation reports in Melbourne to ask about the details.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Site Safety Plan

Since a demolition job can affect nearby establishments, you are required to create a site safety plan. There is no doubt that you will encounter tons of debris in the process. Hence, site safety is highly prioritized. Remember that you should not only ensure your team’s safety in the demolition job but also the innocent crowd of passers-by who can potentially be affected, for example, by falling debris. Many things can happen during a demolition job so always be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Demolition Schedule

Demolition jobs do not happen overnight. It takes weeks or months, depending on the vastness of the building being demolished. Just like any construction work, there is a demolition schedule that you need to follow. You need to identify when do you plan to start your demolition job. This, in fact, should be disclosed to the public especially if it is a public building. Furthermore, you also need to pinpoint which areas of the building you intend to demolish first. Indicate when do you plan to tear down the structural aspect of the building. More importantly, you need to determine how long your demolition will take. Remember that demolition jobs, sometimes, cause inconvenience to the public. Be mindful and disclose your start and end date so the public knows what to expect.

Government Permit

After all, these, do not forget to secure a government permit. You cannot start your work unless you have a government permit. Follow their pre-demolition requirements so you won’t have any documentary problems in the future.

Although demolition jobs may seem like an easy task, there are certain requirements that you have to adhere to. Follow such to eliminate any documentary dilemmas.



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