How To Keep A Porta-Potty Clean And Tidy

Keeping any restroom clean is no easy task. Especially when there are large masses of people who are using them. Sanitation, hygiene, and smell can be a real issue and so it is vital to keep the portable restrooms in pristine condition. Known by various names such as the porta-potty, porta-loo, Jon, water closet and porta-john, they are often a necessary evil since they are required at big outdoor events. These include massive outdoor parties, music festivals or large religious gatherings at holy sites. Most people despise these portable restrooms but end up needing to use them. So here is how you keep a porta-loo clean:

Disinfect, Disinfect, Disinfect!

You need to kill off any and all bacteria before things get out of hand. Bacteria breeds in the washroom, hence why people are obsessed with making sure that it is absolutely clean. It should ideally be disinfected both inside and outside, even the porta-loo handles should be properly cleaned. It is best to hire one or two people to clean the porta-potty every so often. But you need to ensure that you pay them well for doing a job that nobody else wants to do.

Maintenance Is Key

Getting a portable toilet hire for Melbourne is easy enough. The maintenance, however, is another matter altogether. It is very much necessary to do maintenance checks in order to ensure that the water closet runs efficiently. The ratio of water to chemicals in important as well. If you are in a country that has seasonal changes then even that will affect the maintenance of a porta-potty. For instance, during the summer the heat inside the portable restroom can cause bad odors if the chemical to water ratio is not adjusted. The doors to the Porta-John should remain open as often as possible so that they can air out.

Washing Stations

Washing stations are absolutely vital! You need to have washing stations with strong soap just to ensure that everyone is being as sanitary as possible. Keep plenty of sinks and even tissues outside of the porta-potties so people can attend to their own cleanliness.

A Flat Surface

The ground that the toilet is placed on needs to be as flat as possible. If the ground is even a little uneven, things could get quite messy. So it is necessary to flatten the ground if possible, in order to ensure that the bottom of the porta-loo is sitting flat on the ground and that it is standing perfectly upright. Staking the porta-potty down to the ground is an even better way to ensure maximum stability and prevent the toilet from falling over.

These are all the ways by which you can and should keep a porta-potty clean. In order to ensure utmost cleanliness and also to guarantee that the many people who need to use it are not afraid or too horrified to do so. It also helps to have air fresheners handing around inside of the porta-loo.


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