How to Protect Your Home from Burglars

Burglary and theft is a real and pressing concern for homeowners regardless of where they live. Burglaries can happen in cities, suburbs, and even rural areas. Therefore, use the following tips to protect your home:

Fix Any and All Broken Parts

Most thieves and burglars who break into homes aren’t particularly sophisticated. Rather, criminals tend to be opportunists that take advantage of weaknesses of your home. For example, if your house has a broken lock or a broken basement window, you can bet that a burglar would take advantage of it.

Therefore, you must keep your hour house structurally sound. That means fixing broken things without delay. Make sure older doors and windows are still sturdy enough to keep intruders at bay. Upgrade older locks that might be rusted. Fix the roof too if there are any holes. These repairs are essential for protecting your home.

Invest in a Security System

The best deterrent for burglars is one of the best alarm systems Melbourne. Get and alarm plus cameras to optimally keep your home safe, even when you are away or sleeping at night. Exterior cameras can discourage potential thieves from breaking in as well. Also, you can get a live camera feed into your home via a smart device wherever you are. That means you can alert the authorities if you notice someone trying to break in.

Lock the Shed and the Garage

Most homeowners secure the main parts of the house, like the front door, but neglect other parts, such as a shed that might be outside or the garage. This is a huge mistake. A burglar would look for these first when trying to break into a house. Make sure the garage lock is highly secure to prevent a criminal from finding getting through the weakest part of your home. Keep the shed locked too, just in case, even if nothing valuable is in there. If not anything, a burglar could hide inside and wait for the right moment to strike.

Keep Tools Locked

Have tools like ladders and crowbars out in the yard? You may not think that anyone would want to steal these. However, burglars can use the tools you leave outside to break into your home. A worthless ladder in the garden could be used to get access to a second storey window. A crowbar might be used to pry open a back door. When you leave tools outside, you are just giving thieves what they need to break into your house. So keep all tools locked, even if they are not worth stealing.

Adopt a Guard Dog

A dog can be just as good as a modern security system for protecting your home. Dogs not only deter some burglars, they can help you catch them too. Unlike humans, dogs can hear better and see better at night. Anyone trying to sneak in won’t get past a well-trained guard dog.

Monitor Those Who Want to Enter the House

Don’t leave the front door open to let the delivery people, guests, or neighbours just barge in. A burglar can sneak in this way too. Therefore, keep the doors locked, and use a monitoring system to see who wants to come into your house. If you notice anyone strange, you can stop a theft before it happens.

The above security suggestions would not only protect your home, they would discourage burglars too. So don’t wait to adopt them and safeguard your household.


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