How To Teach Your Baby New Things

If you want to know how you could help your baby have a brain that is further stimulated, read on and find out the suggestions we give you to help your little one.

Teach Your Baby Sounds

One of the sense’s babies could respond to is by the sense of sound. If your baby is still a toddler, don’t worry you can communicate with words and sounds and slowly your baby will still make those sounds or give you a small indication of a response. The more we practice, the better we get. It is the same principle to stimulate one’s mind. By 3 months, babies start to react to things so you can try this!

Visual Aids

There are many methods that could help your baby’s cognition through their environment and visual aid, play mats are one way that your baby can grow in their senses. There are many playmats to choose from. Scenic pictures   puzzle type play mats. Baby’s cognitive skill can be enhanced by playing with the mats it can encourage babies to repeat an action that would then stimulate their little minds further.

However, if you are in a position to buy something a little more expensive, but advanced you could buy a Vtech. This product will help your baby interact more and will help in aiding their brain stimulation. Also having more designs on the wall could help, brighter colours are often a way to get babies to feel more welcome too.


Playing nursery rhymes, tunes and little night music can also help your baby’s cognition development.


Allow your baby to Play with rattles, and toys that have more sounds in them. buying books with sensory imagery and objects, little ones love these and it is a great way to teach them about certain things as well. It is vital that you choose toys that will help your baby interact with them more, in order to grow.

Respond To Your Baby

Whenever your little one cries and makes noises, you too make some reaction. This will form a way of communicating and will also help your baby to stimulate his or her mind.

Teaching Your Baby About Meals

You could also try this trick, each time your baby eats food you could say what it is out loud each time. This would allow your baby to remember that word each time they eat certain food and cause a memory to be made. This can help aid their cognition.

Shower Them With Love

Last but definitely not least, make sure your baby is always well looked after and cared for. Making your baby feel secure, safe and warm will allow your baby’s mind to develop normally with no mental damage.

Babies could only react by laughing, smiling or crying but it is important that they express their emotions. If they cannot do that, it could cause a lack of stimulation in their brain as no communication is being given back. That’s why parents, be super attentive.



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