Qualities You Should Have as An HR Consultant

If you are thinking of a career in human resources management but not without the commitment of being an HR personnel for one company, you could become an HR consultant. An HR consultant is someone who is outsourced by companies to provide services for a limited period of time. Since every company’s situation is different, this career is suitable for those who don’t like being in a rut and are constantly looking for doing something challenging.

Aside from being knowledgeable of common HR practices, possessing of the below qualities would also help you be an effective HR consultant.

You Should Be Able to Build Instant Rapport

Gaining your client’s trust might not be easy and since HR usually involves talking to people (possible client and their employees or interviewing candidates or head hunting) being able to build instant rapport is crucial. Making a possible client instantly at ease with you would make them realize their employees are also with someone capable.

You Should Be Patient

HR work is time consuming and demands that you put in long hours and gives extra attention to details. Being patient would help you even if you are already reviewing your 500th CV for the day or you are interviewing someone for a position with a hundred questions regarding the company’s benefits. These situations might sound funny but for someone with a short fuse, this is provoking. If your client found out that you are unapproachable and unaccommodating to their employees’ requests, you would lose their business.

You Should Be Tactful

Handling issues related to employees are sensitive in nature such as discussing salary increments or beneficiaries’ benefits. Telling that an employee’s son in law is not covered by the company’s insurance should be discussed with tact in order for the employee to understand why this is the case. Reprimanding an employee who is constantly late or absent should be dealt sternly to remind of the company’s rules and regulations but still with traces of concern regarding the employee’s well-being.

You Should Be Flexible

Companies vary and what worked on your previous client might not work in another. You should be flexible to whatever your current client needs. In the case of HR consultants Melbourne they need to be adaptable. This would also mean more business for you in the future since you are more open and accommodating. Good recommendations for the services you provided would start rolling and you should be grateful for positive word of mouth marketing regarding you.

You Should Be A Good Listener

There would always be employees who would feel that the company’s treating them unfairly. When this happens, you have to be a good listener. You should not dismiss complains as whining since this could be the start of unrest among the employees. You have to ensure that the employees see the company as someone who is on side even if strict regulations are being implemented. Establishing a positive working environment would lower employee turnover and would instil loyalty among the staff.

You Should Be an Earnest Negotiator

Being in human resources means you are a negotiator and a mediator between the workforce and the management. These two would be on opposing sides at times and it is up to you to make them realize that they should not be antagonistic towards one another. As negotiator, you always have to find the middle ground and make the two parties compromise.





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