Smart Ways to Make Your Home More Spacious Without Spending a Lot

Whether you are performing a routine remodelling or trying to increase the value of your house to get it ready for a resale, one important factor that you must always focus on is adding more space. No matter how big or small your residence may be, eventually you will feel like there is not enough living space and will have to make a few changes to create more space. Discussed below are a few great techniques that you can use in your next house remodelling project to significantly increase the size of your living space without having to break the bank.

You may also travel the extra mile and enclose the deck by adding heating and cooling systems to make it just as good as the rest of the residence, after which it will be considered as additional square footage.

Finish the Attic

Although most homeowners don’t really consider the possibility of utilizing the forgotten space in the attic to create a whole new living area, with a little planning and intelligent designing you can make big difference, without spending an awful lot. The basic requirements are for at least one half of the finished floor area to have a height of at least 7ft to the ceiling and have a stairway that connects it to the rest of the house. If these requirements are met, you might just be able to build an entire room that can accommodate several people and loads of furniture items.

No Room Left Unfinished

Any room that is not completed/finished is not considered as square footage and will basically be deadweight that adds no real value. Transform these spaces into useful living areas by finishing things off as soon as possible. You would be surprised by just how spacious the household can become with the addition of even a single new room.

A Deck for the Backyard

Decks offer the perfect balance between cosy indoor living and unrestricted outdoor relaxation.  By annexing the structure to the back of your house, you can add all sorts of features from furniture to ornaments to kitchen areas into the deck, basically creating a whole new living area for a fraction of the cost. If you think this option is for you, contact a deck builder Adelaide and convey your thoughts and ideas to them to design the ideal deck area that is suitable for your abode.

An Above the Garage Construction

That’s right, a living area above the garage! This is the perfect solution if yours is a house with small square footage and no real space to expand on the ground. Instead, utilize the space above the garage to set up a neat quarter that can be allocated for a number of activities. One of the biggest advantages of this is that there will be no need for a whole new foundation structure because it has already been laid down underneath the garage, which will help you save a lot. Be sure to check with your local building regulations to take care of any legal requirements before commencing construction.


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