Things To Know Before You Head Out To Your Favourite Outdoor Music Concert

So you have finally got your hands on the tickets for your favourite concert and the date is almost here! Now all you need to do is get prepared for it. You may ask yourself how? There are basic little things that you must be remember to do before heading out to an outdoor concert because if you don’t prepare yourself, things could get a little overwhelming. If this is also your first time going to a concert, it can be especially useful to be prepared or even if you just want to have a great experience overall. Here are some basic tips to get started.

Buy Headphones Or Earplugs

There are some side effects that can occur when you listen to very loud music and this can be the case at a music concert even if it is outdoors. You can prevent permanent hearing loss or the condition tinnitus if you wear some earplugs. There are certain earplugs that have high fidelity so it just tones down the sound of the music rather than the quality so does not have any muffle effects like the usual foam earplugs.

Research The Venue

If you have not been to the venue before it is important to find out as many details as you can about it before you head there. Whether you are driving or taking a ride with a friend, find out what the parking availability is. Check if you are allowed to take your own food and beverages to the venue. Check if the organizers hire portable toilets across Melbourne so that washrooms are taken care of. Most importantly, however, check the weather conditions on the day and a few days prior to the date to make sure you are comfortable and go prepared rain or shine.

Deciding On The Outfit

Of course, what you wear will depend mainly on the type of concert you attend and the venue. However, some basic strategies to look in when deciding is to dress comfortably. Even if you have seats, you will likely be up on your feet and dancing around so make sure you don’t wear anything too tight or difficult to walk or move in. Try not to over accessorize and this may also be uncomfortable on a long day especially if it is sunny.

Making Signboards

If you are feeling really excited about seeing your favourite band sing live, then you can make your own signboard for the event. Get yourself a poster board, markers and some glitter and write something that will catch the attention of the concert goers as well as the band as you hold it up.

Have Cash On You

It is always a good idea to have some cash on you as most vendors and other merchandise that you intend to buy at the concert will likely not be available on credit. Often there are t-shirts, hoodies, CDs and signed posters on sale at the venue that you can purchase.


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