Your Guide to Building User Personas That Can Boost Your SEO Value

User personas are relevant to perhaps every aspect of marketing. After all, you can’t actually sell to your customers if you don’t have a proper understanding of who they are. Well, it turns out that user personas can go a long way in boosting your site’s SEO value and performance as well.

Now, it is important to understand that building a user persona and then structuring your SEO strategy around will not necessarily improve your visibility. What it will do, though, is to make sure that the right people are visiting your website. More importantly, it may also work to keep those people coming back for more.

Therefore, you will be able to use the resources that you have more effectively. In turn, you will actually be able to see the results that you want. Since this can often involve quite a bit of technical work, it is best to employ a company that deals with SEO, much like the Shout Agency. To get a better understanding of all of this, however, let’s first take a look at what you will need to do…

Start With the Basics but Don’t Be Afraid to Go Deeper

At this point, you should have basic information about your target audience. This includes age, gender, and the environment that they live. All of this works to help you create content that will actually resonate with your preferred audience.

At the same time, you should also dig a little deeper into this population. For example, try to identify what industries your target audience is more likely to be working within. Also, what level of employment are they likely to hold.

These details can go a long way into determining what kind of keywords your audience is more likely to use. Not to mention, you will gain more understanding into what kind of results they hope to achieve when typing certain search terms into search engines.

Consider Online Interactions and Influencers

As you are well aware, another important component of SEO is link building. Of course, this tactic will only real work if the links are sites that your target audience is actually interested in. Otherwise, it won’t hold much weight for them and in turn, will be useless for you.

To get a better idea of which links will actually work, you need to determine how your target audience spends most of their time online. For example, figure out the social media platforms and the content type that is most suitable for them. Furthermore, determine the type of organisations and brands that may influence your audience’s views.

Once you have narrowed this down, you will then understand the type of connections that you will need to start building. By creating links to and from important individuals, you will automatically improve in terms of legitimacy to the people that you are targeting.

Create Meaningful Content to Fulfil Needs

At the end of the day, as a business, your job is to fulfil a need or requirement that your clients and visitors have. First, though, it is important to show these potential users how you can do precisely this. So, you should focus your efforts on creating meaningful content that will actually resonate with your audience.

Fortunately, social media has come a long way in helping businesses figure out how to manage this. You will need to identify what movements or policies your users are involved in. In short, what interests them? Then, figure out what some of the more common wants and needs are.

Use this information to structure your content. You will then be able to use keywords, links, and more to create content that will immediately draw the eye of your users. This, of course, can mean that people will be more involved in your site.

Know How People are Using Your Site

Now, when you think of persona, your mind automatically jumps to the concept of personality. At the same time, it can be helpful to know how your visitors are using your site, once they get there. So, make a note of what pages they visit, how long they spend, and other details.

By accumulating all of this information, you will find it easier to determine the strong and weak points of your website. In turn, this lets you know what features to keep and which ones to improve on.

These are all of the tips that you can use to build your user persona and then to use this to boost the overall SEO value of your website.



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